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Ira Khan is a stylish bride-to-be wearing a pleated skirt and printed t-shirt before she gets married

<p>A touch of refreshing realism to weddings gives the elaborate event a whole new dimension of intimate moments. Ira Khan, the daughter of Aamir Khan, is ready to begin her new life with her longtime partner Nupur Shikhare as their wedding is due to take place today.</p>
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<p>We are loving every BTS moment as her pre-wedding celebrations are in full swing. Ira was photographed in Mumbai walking to a salon, giving us a peek at her pre-wedding appearance as we waited for her to transform into a stunning bride. While preparing for his wedding, Ira Khan maintained a relaxed atmosphere. She looked stylish with a pleated miniskirt and a patterned charcoal grey t-shirt. The bride-to-be’s adorable headband was all she needed to complete her ensemble. Her naked face gave us major skincare ambitions, and her wedding glow was really noticeable.</p>
<p>We had serious couple-style ambitions from Ira Khan and Nupur Shikhare in the past. Throughout their pre-wedding celebrations, they emanated classic stylish feelings. As they posed together in exquisite ethnic attire, they looked magnificent. Ira looked stunning in a crimson, monochromatic saree with a flashy sleeveless top. Her open hair, bindi, and sparse makeup finished off her appearance. Nupur’s choice of a vibrant kurta and a brown sleeveless jacket elevated the whole look. With their exquisite traditional clothing, they formed a really fashionable pair.</p>
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