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“Not An Ideal Situation”: Dean Elgar’s Sincere Opinion On The Conversation About “Test Cricket Is Dying”

<p><strong>Cape Town:</strong><br />
Dean Elgar expressed his displeasure with Cricket South Africa for sending a third-string side to New Zealand led by an uncapped skipper simply because the series coincides with the lucrative SA20, and he had nothing to lose on the eve of his last international match. The 36-year-old Elgar, who served as the interim captain for the second and final Test match between Australia and India at Newlands, described the scenario as “not ideal.”</p>
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<p>During his last pre-match briefing on Tuesday, Elgar said, “I still think Test cricket will have a future and in speaking to the younger guys in the dressing room, they still live for the format.” “The situation we’ve been put in from a cricketing fraternity perspective isn’t ideal and maybe the team that’s selected to go to New Zealand isn’t ideal for the conversation of how I see Test cricket,” Elgar said with a smile.</p>
<p>With seven uncapped players and none with even ten Test matches under their belts, Neil Brand will captain the Proteas against a formidable New Zealand side as Cricket South Africa (CSA) has given priority to the SA20, whose franchises are owned by IPL team owners.</p>
<p>The purpose of the action is to preserve CSA’s financial stability.</p>
<p>Although there is a chance for fresh players, Elgar said that in this day and age, the authorities will have to choose the direction for the conventional format.</p>
<p>We have no influence over what goes on behind the scenes, therefore that’s how it has to be seen. He struck the right note when he said, “It is beyond the control of the players, coaches, and club management.</p>
<p>With more than 5000 Test runs under his belt, the departing captain said, “We need to focus on what we can focus on and the guys going to New Zealand need to focus on that.”</p>
<p>Elgar did, however, clarify that he took much time and consideration before deciding to retire after the India series.</p>
<p>“I decided a long time ago. I made the decision that this would be my last series a few months ago,” Elgar said.</p>
<p>“I had already prepared my bed and I’m sleeping rather well in it, regardless of what transpired behind the scenes. In terms of choosing the best course of action for players, maintaining the integrity of our Test format, and managing our Test squad, the administrators have the ultimate say,” he handed the reins to CSA.</p>
<p>Elgar will always be a diehard supporter of Test cricket as long as he is in the system.</p>
<p>“Many individuals have unpleasant things to say about our Test cricket team. It is up to us players to prove that we are hungry for this format and go out there and win. “I am a Test fanatic and I will stay that way as long as I live,” Elgar said emphatically.</p>
<p>Many of our people are passionate about the Test, but we need chances to present themselves otherwise the talks will never end. I want the boys to go through what I went through in the last 12 years, but it’s up to the higher authorities to make the appropriate decisions.”</p>
<p>Fixtures are crucial.</p>
<p>The fact that the SA20 coincides with the New Zealand Test series suggests that the people in charge of the game don’t give a damn about the schedule.</p>
<p>“The fixtures are vitally important from a cricketing and individual growth point of view,” Elgar said.</p>
<p>“Guys need to be exposed more against powerhouse Test nations because you want to compete with the best from an individual and collective point of view.” The children won’t learn about the difficulties if they aren’t subjected to tests, he said.</p>
<p>“You lose a little bit when you’re not receiving exposure, but you also want to follow the procedure that Test cricket requires and you want things to go your way.</p>
<p>“You will be paid more for match fees the more matches you play, the better your performances are, and the more exposure you get.</p>
<p>“Again, it will come down to administrators making the proper choices because it would be disappointing for us to frequently play only two Tests in a series.</p>
<p>“It’s not a fitting way to learn about the format.”</p>

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