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The Directorial of Maaya Sivaa Who Made the Error? Offers Excitement With Adithyadev at the Helm

<p>Celebrated Malayalam filmmaker Maaya Sivaa, together with her husband Sivaa Nair, is looking forward to the release of their next film, The Mistaker Who? In addition to directing the movie, Maaya selected the plot and script. The fact that their son Adithyadev plays the male protagonist in this film is a notable feature. In this gripping horror thriller, Adithyadev, who has previously shown off his acting skills in Maaya’s flicks Dhan and Made in Trivandrum, plays a major part.</p>
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<p>The compelling story of The Mistaker Who? will pit the protagonist against those who have upset his family and send them on a quest for vengeance. The movie claims to explore the main lead’s psychological battles as he faces his enemies, highlighting the challenges he has in completing his task. The shooting site for this intriguing project is the gorgeous city of Thiruvananthapuram.</p>
<p>Daya, Arya, Advocate Rajeev Kulikileri, Sreelatha, and Ramani make up the ensemble cast. Aside from Reshma and Christina, other cast members that add to the story of the movie include Jaya, Ramavarma, Bipin, Biju, Vineesh, Maniyan Srivaraham, and Subramani. Under the auspices of Adithyadev Films, Maaya, Sivaa, and Adithyadev worked together on the picture in a number of technical capacities.</p>
<p>Maaya is involved in many different aspects of filmmaking, including art direction, makeup, costumes, songs, and cinematography. In addition to performing, Adithyadev has worked as an editor and cinematographer, while Sivaa Nair is in charge of the makeup and action departments.</p>
<p>On September 24, 2023, Adithyadev first shared the movie’s poster on his Instagram page. In addition, the social networking site offers further teases from the movie, including shots from behind the scenes and brief passages from the plot.</p>
<p>A picture session in front of a green screen, an action sequence including Adithyadev, and moments where she rides a bike with an actor on the pillion seat have all been posted by the media outlet Nana Film Weekly. Maaya and Sivaa are seen talking about a shoot in another picture.</p>
<p>Under Maaya Sivaa’s creative leadership, The Mistaker Who? promises a fascinating combination of suspense and horror, while the actual narrative and release date are yet to be announced.</p>

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