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Possibility of China and India Playing for the World Chess Championship

<p>Will the World Chess Championship match pit players from two of the world’s most populous nations against one another, exclusively Asians?</p>
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<p>Although none of the three Indian players in the open division are favorites, analysts say it is possible and cannot be ruled out.</p>
<p>Chinese players Grandmaster (GM) Ding Liren (Elo rating: 2,780-World Rank 4th) and Grandmaster (GM) Ju Wenjun (2,549, World Rank 5th) now hold the world championships in both the open and women’s categories.</p>
<p>There will be five Indian chess players competing in the Candidates 2024 competition, which will place in Toranto, Canada.</p>
<p>The World Chess Title – Open and Women divisions will be challenged by the event winner.</p>
<p>Two ladies are competing in the women’s segment while three Indian men are in the open part.</p>
<p>GM R. Pragnanandhaa (2,743 – 13th), GM D. Gukesh (2,725 – 25th), and GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (2,742 – 14th) are the three Indians competing in the open category.</p>
<p>Two Indian contenders are competing in the women’s division: the youthful Woman GM (WGM) R. Vaishali, placed 14th with a rating of 2,481 points, and the seasoned and World No. 2 GM Koneru Humpy (2,554).</p>
<p>There are three players from India participating in the open division. Though none of them are favorites, they are all deserving competitors. Although the three have a combined chance of less than 50%, I would still rank it higher than 25%. The International Chess Federation’s CEO, GM Emil Sutovsky, told IANS.</p>
<p>Thus, it is possible that Chinese and Indian players may compete in the Title Match at the end of 2024; this would make for an intriguing match. However, Sutovsky said, “the game between the Chinese and Americans will be just as entertaining.</p>
<p>India was well-represented in the chess Candidates competition, more so than in the past.</p>
<p>“India is well-represented in both divisions among the 2024 contenders. very impressive participation from the younger generation. This, in my opinion, is a fantastic start that will hopefully lead to an Indian competing for the world championship soon. I’d like to wish every player a fantastic competitive tournament. IANS was informed by GM R.B. Ramesh and a renowned coach who has been shortlisted for the Dronacharya award.</p>
<p>Fascinatingly, Praggnanandhaa and Vaishali, siblings from India, will be competing in the Candidates event for the first time.</p>
<p>In the open category, the five players are GM Ian Nepomniachtchi (2,769, World Rank 5th), GM Fabiano Caruana (2,804, ranked 2nd), GM Hikaru Nakamura (2,788, ranked 3rd), GM Alireza Firouzja (2,759, 6th), and GM Nijat Abasov (2,641, rank 102nd), who will take over for Magnus Carlsen should he decide not to participate.</p>
<p>With the exception of Abasov, all four players are rated higher than the Indians.</p>
<p>Since young Indian players who have been fighting above their weight may outwit any great player, the race is open with the world’s top rated player and previous champion, Daniel Carlsen (2,830), likely to retire.</p>
<p>As you may remember, Gukesh won the Chennai Chess Olympiad with a score of 7/7.</p>
<p>In the women’s division, GM Lei Tingjie (2,550, rank 4th), GM Kateryna Lagno (2,542, rank 6th), GM Aleksandra Goryachkina (2,553, rank 3rd), GM Anna Muzychuk (2,525, rank 7th), GM Tan Zhongyi (2,521, rank 8th), and WGM Nurgyul Salimova (2,426, rank 38th) are the other competitors. Humpy and Vaishali are the exceptions.</p>
<p>Vaishali, who is ranked 14th in the world, is just ahead of Salimova, despite the fact that India’s Humpy has the highest rating out of all the competitors. Tingjie and Zhongyi are China’s two competitors in this area.</p>
<p>Thus, Indian chess is in for some fascinating times ahead.</p>

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