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Spiritual Spectacle : Shri Sai Seva Sangh Charkop Founded by Sunny Rathod Draws 20,000 Attendees and Prominent Political Figures on January 10-11th Jan, 2024

Mumbai,  – In the bustling heart of Mumbai, a transformative story of compassion is set to unfold as Shri Sai Seva Sangh Charkop gears up for a monumental celebration, marking ten years of unwavering service. Founder Sunny Rathod, a visionary with a heart ablaze with compassion, invites the community to join hands in commemorating a decade of spreading love, breaking barriers, and being the heartbeat of humanity.

Established in 2014, Shri Sai Seva Sangh Charkop has become a lifeline for the underprivileged, thanks to the dedication of its founder and a stellar ensemble of volunteers. Names like Samad Khan, Sachin Pawar, Akshay Salekar, Salim Khan, Shahid Qureshi, Rahul Pujari, Sushmit Shetty, Sunny More, Umesh Kate, and Nagraj Anna have become living pillars, upholding the essence of unity and service.

Sunny Rathod and Samad Khan, two figures shining brightly in the realm of inspiration, have stood resolute against discrimination and racism. Together, they embody the philosophy that love knows no boundaries, turning Shri Sai Seva Sangh Charkop into a symbol of hope and inclusivity.

The organization goes beyond mere rhetoric; it’s a lifeline for those in need. The founders and volunteers have consistently extended a helping hand, arranging medical expenses for those facing the storm of illness. Their commitment goes beyond words—they’ve been the unsung heroes supporting those who fight battles alone.

Anticipation is soaring as the countdown begins for the grand event at Charkop Sec 4/7 Playground. Sunny Rathod and his dynamic team anticipate a staggering 22,000 people to gather for the Shri Sai Seva Sangh Bhandara & Sai Pooja—an extravaganza promising to be a jubilant symphony of love, hope, and community spirit.

As the city eagerly awaits the curtain to rise on this milestone celebration, Shri Sai Seva Sangh Charkop stands tall—a testament that a decade of dedicated service can ignite ripples of change, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s not just an event; it’s a celebration of a decade that has woven tales of compassion into the fabric of a community’s collective heart.

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