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After Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli is the next victim of infamous deepfake technology. WATCH

<p>The infamous deepfake technology has now turned its attention towards Virat Kohli, the top cricket player from India. A video that has gone viral on the internet has Kohli promoting a betting program that offers large returns with little initial input. Moreover, the video’s makers altered the film by adding a well-known TV journalist from India in an effort to increase the video’s legitimacy.</p>
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<p>In the widely shared video, Kohli is seen promoting the “Aviator” betting app while speaking in Hindi. The video also seems to have been edited to include popular TV journalist Anjana Om Kashyap, fabricating a scene that suggests the promo was shown during a live news program, in an attempt to boost the video’s legitimacy. Additionally, the advertising states that Kohli made significant earnings with a little initial investment.</p>
<p>The video’s creators apparently used a clip from the cricket player Virat Kohli’s well-known interview with Graham Bensinger, overlaid the cricketer’s original voice with what sounds like a fake one, and used deepfake technology to synchronize Kohli’s lip movements so it looked like he was lip-syncing the fake message.</p>
<p>Notably, Kohli has never before supported these kinds of gaming platforms. His support for the software, which purports to provide substantial returns on investments, is suggested by the video. The advertising claims that Kohli invested only INR 1,000 over the course of three days and made INR 81,000. Virat Kohli has not yet made an official remark on the deepfake video or its contents.</p>
<p><strong>Similar Sachin Tendulkar Deepfake Video Case</strong><br />
In the past, a deepfake video of former Indian hitter Sachin Tendulkar also appeared on Facebook. It was a digitally edited movie with the former batter’s voice, pretending to be him endorsing a gaming app. The goal of the deepfake was to create the impression that Tendulkar and his daughter Sara had won large quantities of money by taking part in a particular online game.</p>
<p>Sachin himself acknowledged the films as fraudulent and issued a warning on social media against these types of unethical behavior. “These are not real videos. The widespread abuse of technology is unsettling. He wrote on X, “I’m asking everyone to report videos, adverts, and applications like this in big numbers.</p>

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