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Zero to Hero: Struggles to Success – The Inspiring journey of a Spiritual Entrepreneur.


“A Monk with a Merc” – An Autobiography of Spiritual Indian Business Man based on real-life story with basic essence that while performing ‘Karma’ (Duties and responsibilities), one can still become ‘Wealthy’ and lead life with desire of final goal as ‘Nirvana (Moksha)’. 


In its pages, the books details, how incorporating spiritual practices and principles into our everyday routines can lead to personal growth, and fulfilment and ultimately, contribute to the betterment of society. The book delves into the profound impact of spirituality in our daily lives and how adherence to Sanatan Dharma principles has guided me in the pursuit of higher goals. The book contains wisdom inspired by the Hindu scriptures of Vedas, Geeta and Ramayana.


Quick introduction to book: The book is an autobiography of an Indian man who went from being a first-generation technocrat to an entrepreneur and now a successful businessman. He was born into a middle-class family and had three siblings. After completing his degree in Electrical Engineering, he pursued a master’s degree in Business Administration and started his professional career as a technocrat. Within five years, he became a successful business manager and held one of the highest positions with a high-paying salary in the corporate world.

He then decided to become an entrepreneur in 2007 and initially, things went well. However, he faced a lot of struggles in the following four years, which aged him significantly. Despite this, he persevered and aligned himself with spiritual powers. Eventually, his hard work and dedication paid off, and in March 2023, he listed his company on the Bombay Stock Exchange. He now aims to make his company a unicorn in next few years.


Despite his success, he remains humble and grounded, living life like a monk. He is a God-fearing, karma believer who treats his employees as his family and is always willing to help wherever and whenever needed. With a deep belief in God and enlightenment with Vedic spiritual sciences, he has decided to share his 50-year life journey with the world. The Authors, Gauravv Mittal and Adit Mittal through this book, want to tell the world “The Purpose of Life”. The book aims to illuminate the journey of becoming a mindful businessman by sharing personal experiences. It delves into pivotal moments, challenges, and insights that shaped the transition towards mindfulness in entrepreneurship. Through real-life anecdotes and lessons learned, it will guide readers on integrating mindfulness into business practices, fostering resilience, and facilitating a purpose-driven approach to leadership and success.

Book is available on Amazon and Flipkart and can also be purchased from Publisher book store too.


Paper Back edition is available on:


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