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Mukul Raut celebrates Mother’s Day with his latest ‘Elder Sisters are Fun Mums’ AD film Campaign for Mothercare.

Elder sisters often play a unique and significant role in family dynamics. They embody a blend of nurturing care, playful energy, and wise guidance that earns them the endearing title of “Fun Moms.” While not biological mothers, they possess a natural knack for creating joy, offering advice, and fostering growth in their younger siblings. They effortlessly nurture, care for and cuddle like a mother and also gang up with the younger siblings in mischief. This is the insight of latest ad campaign ‘Elder sisters are fun mums’ for Mother’s Day directed by Mukul Raut. He has captured this emotional reunion with sensitivity. This ad campaign showcases the playful dynamics between the siblings, emphasizing the joy and camaraderie they share.

Watch this multiple films campaign here

In the series of digital film ads, you’ll see two elder sisters pampering, teasing, teaching the little sister and ofcourse nurturing like a mom. Mukul Raut highlights these moments with warmth and authenticity, showcasing the sister’s unwavering love and support. Throughout the ad, subtle brand integration seamlessly weaves the message of mother care into the narrative. For example, the elder sister could be seen using products from the brand to care for her siblings, such as styling their hair with gentle haircare products or massaging lotion on the younger sibling.

The campaign concludes elder sisters are not just siblings; they are “Fun Moms” who enrich our lives with love, laughter, and invaluable life lessons. Their presence is a gift that keeps on giving, shaping us into better individuals and filling our lives with cherished memories. It’s time we celebrate and appreciate these unsung heroes for the joy and positivity they bring into our lives. And what better day than Mother’s Day.

Mukul Raut is a celebrity photographer and an ad film director. He has worked with celebrities like Ajay Devgun, Mrinal Thakur, Ronit Roy, Vijay Verma, Sonam Baweja, Hardik Pandeya, Varun Dhawan, Ashutosh Rana etc. 

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