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Astrochakra’s 300+ Astrologers Committed to Maximizing Client Experience and Nurturing Relationships

Brief: In this fast-moving world, we all need a little guidance on various walks of our lives on relationships, career, health, spiritual development, and also what future holds in store for us. One of the fastest growing startups Astrochakra is committed to providing best-in-class astrological solutions and personalized consulting by leveraging the rich experience of 300+ astrologers from all over the world.

The field of astrology has witnessed a revolutionary change with the introduction of various astrology apps, which has enabled availability of personalized solutions to the clients with just a single click on the app. With over 30 million clients globally, Astrochakra has won the trust by connecting the client with the expert pool of astrologers for one-on-one consultation and tailored remedies. With a vision to expand its operations globally, the leading online astrology platform Astrochakra has a strong presence in India, US, Dubai, and Canada. The seamless app has got the best tools for the clients for maximum interaction in the form of face-to-face video calls during live sessions with their favorite occult science expert, chats and voice calls.

Our talented pool of 300+ astrologers comprising of vedic astrologers, tarot card readers, reiki healers, numerologists, palmists, lal kitab experts, vastu experts, and many more have benefitted clients by carving a roadmap based on analysis of insights from both Western and Indian astrology.  Astrochakra also prides itself of being a user-friendly platform that ensures easy accessibility and convenience for the users as it provides an opportunity to interact with an experienced astrologer in their preferred regional language. This multilingual platform that can be accessed 24X7 by the users across the world, assures confidentiality and privacy in readings and horoscope analysis. The platform is 100% reliable and a comprehensive one as it comes with many filters for selecting experts with specialized expertise. Its safe and convenient money transaction through secured payment portals has appealed to our users the most.

Many users love Astrochakra for their free live sessions during which they can voice call and video call the astrologer at a nominal charge for a personalized guidance. Our extensively experienced astrologers specializing in different modalities conduct interactive sessions and provide coaching on life issues, career, love, travel, health, and various remedial solutions for manifesting their goals. These sessions are great fun and enlightening for the users providing valuable guidance that can change their perspective on life.

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