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Sneha Taori Achieves Prestigious ZTWS Certification

Nagpur – Sneha Taori, a distinguished podcaster, TEDx speaker, architect, and corporate trainer, has added another feather to her cap by qualifying for the Zone Training Workshop Certification (#ZTWS) offered by JCI India. This remarkable achievement designates Sneha as an official Zone Trainer of JCI India, Zone 9, associated with JCI Nagpur Vibrent.

The ZTWS, held at the esteemed Seasons Hotel in Goa, is renowned for its comprehensive public speaking training program. Participants undergo rigorous training designed to enhance their abilities to manage stress, handle on-the-spot situations, and demonstrate unwavering determination. The workshop was expertly led by Pilot Faculty Jc. Abdul Salam, with invaluable support from Co-Pilot Faculties Jc. CA T. S. Maharja and Jc. Chandramappa.

Sneha Taori’s Journey and Vision

Sneha Taori, hailing from Nagpur, has an impressive background as a podcaster, TEDx speaker, architect, and corporate trainer. With a BBA, a Bachelor of Architecture, and currently pursuing an MBA, Sneha specializes in personal branding, communication, people management, leadership, sales, career building, and parenting. She has conducted over 100 training sessions, each ranging from 60 to 180 minutes, known for their hands-on and highly engaging training modules.

Reflecting on her achievement, Sneha said, “Qualifying for #ZTWS is a significant milestone in my career. The training was intensive and transformative, equipping me with advanced skills in public speaking and stress management. I am excited to bring these insights to my future training sessions.”

Importance of Specialized Training

Sneha emphasizes the critical role specialized training plays in professional and personal development. “Training in subjects like persona branding, leadership, and communication is essential for navigating today’s competitive landscape. It empowers individuals to present their best selves, both personally and professionally,” she noted.

Sneha extended her heartfelt thanks to the leadership of JCI Nagpur Vibrent, particularly President Jc. Avinash Khaiwale and Hon. Secretary Jc., for their unwavering support. She also expressed her gratitude to the esteemed faculties, Jc. Abdul Salam, Jc. CA T. S. Maharja, and Jc. Chandramappa, for their guidance and mentorship during the #ZTWS.

As Sneha Taori steps into her new role as a Zone Trainer, she looks forward to leveraging her skills and experiences to contribute significantly to the growth and development of individuals across India.


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For more information or to book a training session with Sneha Taori, please contact 8421556789.


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