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Circle Tattoo Studio: A Beacon of Artistry and Innovation in Tattooing

Circle Tattoo Studio, established by Ankit Dhanesh Raturi, has swiftly become a cornerstone of India’s tattoo industry. With a foundation built on creativity, camaraderie, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit, the studio stands out as a haven for artistic expression and personal storytelling.

Ankit Raturi, a seasoned marketing expert with over ten years of experience, embarked on this entrepreneurial journey after earning an MBA in Media and Entertainment. His initial career in marketing saw him partner with prestigious media houses, shaping strong brand identities. However, his passion for tattoo art and a vision to create a unique, client-centric space led him to transition into the tattoo industry.

The creation of Circle Tattoo Studio is a story of friendship and shared passion. Ankit’s friends and talented tattoo artists played a crucial role in supporting his vision. Their collective efforts fostered a familial environment within the studio, where hierarchy is replaced by a sense of unity and mutual respect. “Every client encounter should feel like meeting an old friend,” Ankit emphasizes, encapsulating the studio’s philosophy.

Circle Tattoo Studio has earned a stellar reputation for its commitment to excellence. The studio adheres to medical-grade hygiene standards and offers personalized tattoo designs, attracting endorsements from celebrities and influencers. These attributes have garnered Circle Tattoo Studio several prestigious awards, including the International Icons of Excellence Award for Fastest Growing Tattoo Studio in Asia 2023 and the Indian Glory Award for Fastest Growing Brand of The Year 2023.

Ankit’s vision for the future is expansive. He aims to open additional studios in major cities and international markets, continuously integrating the latest technologies to enhance the customer experience. Moreover, Ankit is dedicated to nurturing the talent within his team, investing in their professional development through comprehensive training programs.


Throughout his journey, Ankit Raturi has demonstrated resilience, innovation, and a profound belief in the power of community. From organizing college events to overcoming entrepreneurial challenges, his path is marked by perseverance and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Circle Tattoo Studio is not just a business but a symbol of Ankit’s vision, dedication, and the strong bonds of friendship that underpin its success.

Circle Tattoo Studio offers a range of services, including custom and personalized tattoos, tattoo coverups and reworking, and piercings. Their unique selling points, such as medical-grade hygiene standards and celebrity endorsements, set them apart in the industry. Ankit’s personal and professional goals further underscore his commitment to lifelong learning, health and wellness, and business expansion, ensuring that Circle Tattoo Studio remains at the forefront of the tattoo industry.

Circle Tattoo Studio’s accolades and achievements, including the Editors Choice Award for Achievers of The Year 2022 by Business Outreach Magazine and recognition as one of the Top 10 inspiring and successful Indian Personalities of 2024 by MidDay, highlight the studio’s impact and Ankit’s dynamic leadership. As Ankit Raturi continues to innovate and inspire, Circle Tattoo Studio stands as a testament to artistic excellence, community, and the power of pursuing one’s passion.

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